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Duct Tape Team Building

For core values and some fun meeting activities, check out Duct Tape Team Building.  It is available at Amazon and even for Kindle at

I purchased this book last year and ended up using for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and FLL.  It is a great resource for team work activities and all you need is a roll of duct tape.

One of my favorite activities is “Ain’t no flies on me’.  This game does a great job of teaching win-win and co-opertition.

Here are some more Team Building Activities,



Limited Time

If you are a FLL coach or coordinator, you will want StartingPoints.  We are limiting the 2014 season to a few teams.  In September we will release a preview version with a limited feature set around team communication.  Sign up now at to be one of the first team to use StartingPoints.  It is free.  We are limiting preview sign-ups and we are close to our July limit.  Once we hit our July limit, I will publish a blog with tips and tricks for getting parents involved in FLL.

StartingPoints is the next big social application for making it happen.  It focuses on community groups and simplifies planning, managing and sharing, all in one place.




Team Collaboration

My team the Capital Teens, a Division II team based in Herndon, VA is looking for a team outside the US to collaborate with on World Class Challenge.  We want to expand our cultural perspective.   Just a call via skype or facetime to discuss the cultural educational differences in August or September.

If you are interested, email me at