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Team Information Sheet

For Judging, make sure you have 4 copies of the team information sheet.  You will take and leave a sheet in every judging room.

Why the information sheet is important?

  • It helps the judges get to know your team.
  • It helps judges remember your team.  When you judge several teams, anything to help the judges remember your team is beneficial.

Information Sheet Tips:

  • Connect the team picture to a unique team feature – your silly hat, t-shirt, etc.  Make it easy for judges to remember your team visually.
  • Keep it brief.  Judges have limit time, only document the key points.

Attached is my team’s information sheet from World Class.TeamInfoSheet2014.

You can find the template at  Plan to have a minimum of 4 copies.



Thursday achieves 80 points

The Thursday team got 80 points and is on track.  I told the team that what ever sub team got the highest points this week could pick the candy for the candy drawer.  Candy is a great motivator.  Here is what the run does so far.  There are several loops and multiple sensors at play.  Also there are two wall squares.  

  1. Reset gyro senso
  2. Drive north a few rotations
  3. Detect black line
  4. Pull forward some
  5. Pivot 90 degrees
  6. Back up until touch sensor triggered and raise forklift (wall square)
  7. Drive forward until white is detected
  8. Move forward
  9. Lower forklift 
  10. Backup to release toy airplane
  11. Raise forklift
  12. Back up until touch sensor triggered (wall square)
  13. Reset gyro
  14. Move forward
  15. Pivot -79 until gyro reads -79
  16. Move forward 
  17. Pivot until gyro reads -10
  18. Move foward
  19. Lower tank into truck

The next segment will be to push the truck down the track.  


It’s almost ready!

Over the last year, I have been leading the development of a team management online platform to make life easier for FLL coaches.   Be an early adopter by signing up at

What you’ll get very soon.

  • Team email address
  • Online Roster
  • Listserve functionality – send an email to the team email address and it emails the entire team.
  • Break the roster in to categories and email just a category
  • One place for team communications