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Impacting the Gender Gap

My team competed this weekend at the Mary Henderson Fall Church Tournament on Saturday.  I judged at this tournament its first year and it is great to see how it has evolved.  Alex and team do a great job.

The team did well, winning Robot Performance with a 507 score and 1st Place Champion.   I was very proud of them for their fun attitude the entire tournament.   They spent their spare time creating thank you cards for volunteers and handed them out at closing.  This was on their own accord.   They truly embrace what FIRST is about.

In core values, the girls were asked what they would take away from their FIRST experience.  My daughter responded that she realizes girls can do whatever boys can do and that they can impact the gender gap.   The team knows I coach an all-girls team to impact the gender gap and we even went the movie “Debugging the Gender  Gap” as a team.   

As a coach, the fact the girls have the confidence they can do anything outweighs any award they could win.  It is bitter sweat this is the last year competing but I am looking forward to next year.  The team is staying together to help mentor teams in DC.