Organizing 541 (Core Set) + 853 (Expansion Set) Legos

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3750 Size Tackle Box

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3750 Size Tackle Box

How exciting! The EV3 Core and Expansion Sets you have been waiting on for months just arrived.  Now that the stress of wondering if it will arrive in time for the Nature’s Fury challenge has been lifted, you have to start organizing and learning it.  There are several options for getting your kits organized:  you can use the Lego bins that shipped with the set, throw it all in box, hire a professional organizer or exploit a tackle box.

I love the Lego bins that ship with the kit, I use them all the time to sort stuff, but I find they are not the best solution for our kits.  The pieces get mixed up easy, and theirs doesn’t lend itself to the level of organization I prefer.  My solution?  A tackle box.  To be specific, I used a Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3750 Size Tackle Box with the addition of a 3750 Stowaway box that fits in the top section, along with the wheels and cables.

Plano1374OpenI like the tackle box over other options because it is very portable and durable and, most importantly, it keeps pieces organized.  I would also recommend looking at solutions from Robotics Learning.  I  used their kit for the NXT, and it worked great.  Their labeling is great, and I’m eager to see what they offer for the EV3.

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