EV3 FLL Robot Design – 4 Motor Challenge

My girls team has a great robot.  I gave them a challenge: build a new robot with 4 motors.

This season I will post a bunch of robot pics.

They started with the EV3 starter robot as the base and customize it.

Notice the wheel design.  Two seasons ago after doing a straight test, they realized the marble ball design had issues going straight.  For the back, they use rims, no treads.  This allows the FLL EV3 robot to pivot.

Here is the Capital Teens World Class First Lego League robot design.  It uses a turtle model, allowing different shells. The cool innovation was the motor gear interface.  She’ll attachments just snap on.  It has three color sensors and a gyro sensor.


4 thoughts on “EV3 FLL Robot Design – 4 Motor Challenge

  1. Alejandro

    Hi, nice robot!!
    May I ask where is the 4th motor? I only saw one input
    The turtle design is pretty clever, I once tried to do it, but because of lack of piezes it wasn´t possible, I had done it with the 4 teeth gear, and one of the disadventages with this kind of mechanism is that It can pop up easily if you don´t secure it correctly.
    Also, how are you using the pneumatics system? How do you activate it?

    Good luck with the robot, Alejandro

    1. srakestraw Post author

      The robot pictured was last year’s robot and only had three motors. The challenge was to design a turtle design that utilized 4 motors and had a lifting mechanism in front. I will post some pictures their new design. It is bigger but has a forth motor in the back and a forklift in front.

      The clever part about their design is the locking system. Rubberbands pull two L shaped arms in place. I will also post some pictues of the locking system.

      The 4th picture, top view, shows the pneumatics trigger.


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