FLL Tournament Team Roles

One of my favorite activities is having the team decide on tournament roles.  Here are my team’s team tournaments role.  We treat this is as a core values activity.  Some roles are more popular than others, so comprise is key.   Download the FLL Teams Roles Template.

Project Script  
Project Notebook  


Slide Flipper 1  
Slide Flipper 2  
Research – Question  
Research – Experts  
Research – Solution Discover  
Solution Intro  
Research – Why  
Solution – Introduction  
Solution – How it works  
Solution – Demo  
Solution – Existing Solutions  
Solution – Implementation  
Solution – Sharing  


Core Values (3 people)
Core Values Poster  


Starters – Only Two Starter Teams.  Starter teams start I technical judging.

Starters Starter 1 Starter 2
Starter Team 1    
Starter Team 2    


Core Values Main Backup


Technical Person 1 Person 2 Person 3
Strategy & Process      
Robot Overview      
Sunday Team      
Tuesday Team      
Thursday Team      

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