Thursday achieves 80 points

The Thursday team got 80 points and is on track.  I told the team that what ever sub team got the highest points this week could pick the candy for the candy drawer.  Candy is a great motivator.  Here is what the run does so far.  There are several loops and multiple sensors at play.  Also there are two wall squares.  

  1. Reset gyro senso
  2. Drive north a few rotations
  3. Detect black line
  4. Pull forward some
  5. Pivot 90 degrees
  6. Back up until touch sensor triggered and raise forklift (wall square)
  7. Drive forward until white is detected
  8. Move forward
  9. Lower forklift 
  10. Backup to release toy airplane
  11. Raise forklift
  12. Back up until touch sensor triggered (wall square)
  13. Reset gyro
  14. Move forward
  15. Pivot -79 until gyro reads -79
  16. Move forward 
  17. Pivot until gyro reads -10
  18. Move foward
  19. Lower tank into truck

The next segment will be to push the truck down the track.  

2 thoughts on “Thursday achieves 80 points

  1. Parash Shah

    I am a coach of FLL program in Northern Virginia. I ran into an issue with the EV3 Brick and the information I obtained from your website helped me reset it. I am much thankful to you all.
    In your “Thursday achieves 80 points” posting, you are trying to pull the factory lever and release the toy and place the methane in the truck and you are doing too many steps. These can be consolidated. Here are my suggestions – Keep steps 1-4 as is. The Pivot turn (maybe 90′ or more). Then do line follow of black on the north side of black line until the robot comes to a complete stop on black. Then drop the fork lift such that on the left side the attachment drops the methane into the truck and on the right side the attachment hook is into the factory level. The key is to build an attachment that does both accurately and at the same time for you. Now move robot backwards about 50 degrees or more at speed 20 (pull like action) to release the methane completely and pull the factory lever. Then turn 90′ (long turn, NOT pivot turn) towards base. This should place the robot in front of and facing the West transfer area. Now move forward. Then take 90′ turn long turn towards truck and stop when color sensor sees black. Now drop the attachment for truck push. Now move forward with -2 or -5 in the move direction (so that the robot rubs against the North wall) at speed 25-30 until the truck drops the dumpster in the East transfer area. Now move the robot back (while rubbing against the North wall) until color sensor see black. Now turn 90-120′ by moving left wheel forward and right wheel backwards the simultaneously at slow but variable speed. The turn should place the robot such it is facing base. Rush to base. This loop should equate to either 130 (80+50) or 140 (80+60) points or 190 (80+50+60) – depending on the scoring decision on the day of the tournament. There is some confusion on how this will be scored. I hope this info helps.


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