EV3 vs NXT: Which one to use?

Disclaimer: I am a geek.  I love new technology and always want the latest and greatest,  That being said, if you are trying to decide between sticking with the NXT or diving in with the EV3, I would recommend the EV3.  The NXT is great and using it in competition will not be a disadvantage.

This year, the plan was for the Capital Girls to use the EV3 that was provided by our PTA, with the understanding I will train coaches next year.   The Code Crackers were going to use their NXT, since it’s their last year of FLL.  After playing with the EV3, I wanted one for the Code Crackers to use.   Like I said, I am a proud geek.  Here is my rationale:

Software Learning Curve

The software interface is very similar, reducing the learning curve.   The concept is the same – drag blocks from a palette onto the canvas and set the properties. The big advantage about the EV3 Software is the properties are inline with the block.  I also like how connectors work and the fact you see the what is in what port.  Keep in mind, you can use the EV3 software with a NXT brick.

 4 Motors

The NXT has three motor ports and comes with three motors.  If you use two motors for the wheels, you have to use gears to distribute power.  The EV3 comes with four motor ports, and teams are allowed to use four motors in the Nature’s Fury Challenge.  The EV3 only comes with 3 motors, but you can use NXT motors or order a fourth.  I thought that they would limit everyone to three motors this year, as the ability to use a fourth is an advantage.  That said, be sure to read the challenge rules for yourself; don’t take my word for it.

Chassis and Motor Attachment Interface

MotorInterface The new chassis and motor attachment interface are very strong, which should make a for more consistent robot.  A robot that will go straight.



Program Debugging

When connected to the robot via blue tooth, you visually see the program run.  This will be great for guiding and debugging.








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