Capital Girls Building a Base EV3 Robot

Both my teams are very familiar with the NXT, and we had to to figure out how to get them familiar with the new EV3 platform in way that did not take up too many meetings.  Lego made this easy by including an instruction book for building a great base robot.  Our goal was to build a base robot to get familiar with the new set and begin learning the programming interface.


 The Capital Girls Team built the base robot in about 30 minutes, including using the wheels they elected to use when doing robot planning.  With 6 of the 10 team members at this meeting, we split into build and program teams.

The base robot the girls built was basic, with two motors for differential turning and a color sensor.  C, my daughter, later spent some adding a third motor.


Color Widget

While the build group was building, the program team wrote a program they called Master DJ.  It plays a different animal sound based on the color detected by the color sensor.  The goal here was to teach advanced program flow by doing something fun.  We discussed how this program might be used for the challenge.  The girls came up with using it to detect objects and to determine which program to run.  By doing the challenge, they reinforced their understanding of the loop and switch blocks.  To figure out the logic, the girls referred to our Program Logic Poster.

Here is the first version the Master DJ program; it has evolved to exit on the color sensor detecting white – and makes me want to invest in earplugs.





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