G adding a third motor to the base robot

Code Crackers Base EV3 Robot

Like the Capital Girls, the Code Crackers built the base EV3 robot. They also elected to go with the big wheels for speed.  Being 8th graders, when they are focused they can get a lot done. For our robot build meeting, they split between builders and programmers.  The programmers built a music master program and base escape.

Below is the program the Code Crackers wrote for the music challenge.  They used notes, not sounds like the Capital Girls.  I am always amazed at the different solutions the two teams come up with when given the same challenge.  Sometimes they are very similar, other times they are polar opposites.

Master Music Program

Master Music Program

The Code Cracker’s Base Escape program has recovery logic incorporated. To start, I challenged them to stop at the line.  Once they had that master, the challenge was to stop at the line if the light sensor stop working (unplugged in this case).  At states in 2011, they had some big issues with light sensor and learned this recovery concept.  In 2012, the mentored the Capital Girls Too, who then used it for the Senior Solutions medicine mission.  Ironically, the mentoring team, 7th graders, learned from the 5th team.  Who was mentoring who?  The workshop challenges and programming posters have really advanced the teams’ programming capability.  They have learned that you can do some cool stuff with a loop, switch and logic block.  This is case where the solutions are the same, the only difference may be some block orders.

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