Team 3455 Foothill Lego Lovers Core Values Poster

Core Values Poster

badge_CoreValuesFor Core Values, consider having your team make a Core Values Poster.  This can be a fun and rewarding activity.   It is a not a requirement but helps the team articulate to the judges how they embraced core values for the season.  For the core values session, take the post in for display.  Most likely the judges will look at it during the challenge or after the challenge.   Use the poster to show how the team exhibited core values.  It is a also a great memory aid for the team.

To create a Core Values poster, download the Core Values Poster Guide.   Have the team populate the bullets points under each section.  Using a guide, poster board or tri-fold and pictures, create a Core Values Poster.  Label each section, list the bullet points and use pictures that pertain to the bullets.   Let the kids get creative.   If you are in Girl Scouts, think of a Thinking Day Poster.  It should take the team between 1 and 2 hours.  You can break this up, one meeting to answer the questions and then another meeting to create the poster.  This allows time for pictures to be printed that illustrate the points the team wants to share.  You can also have an individual team member work on the poster.  It is also a great opportunity to get another team parent involved, ask them to facilitate the poster meeting.

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