FLL EV3 Wall Squaring

Wall Squaring – simple but effective for improving consistency.  Wall squaring is the strategy of using a wall to square the robot.  Depending on your robot design, you can square in the back or the front.

wallsquareMy team designed their robot with wall squaring  and following in mind.  Their robot has 4 wall wheels and both a back and front bumper.

At our team meeting, we counted the number of wall squares,  They wall square 7 times and do one wall following.

We also use wall squaring as checkpoints, putting tape on the wall where the robot is expected to square.  This year was our first time doing this and we loved it.  It offered two advantages, you can tell when the robot is off.  It is also provides a starting point, meaning you can position the robot at that spot and do not have to run an entire program.  When programming missions, this saves times and battery.

You can also square on the lines.  My team did 4 line squares this year and it works great.  I will cover this topic in a future post.

One thought on “FLL EV3 Wall Squaring

  1. Cb

    Thank you for your information! One question we have is that wall squaring once we are at competition could vary from our current table. Do we have time at competition to adjust based on slightly different table.


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