2014 VA-DC FLL Championship Tournament

A special thanks goes out to all the VA-DC FLL Volunteers, it was a phenomenal season and it would not have been possible without the many volunteers.

Congratulations to the Capital Teens, my all girls team, for having fun all weekend, even when the robot did not perform up to its potential.  The Capital Teens were awarded Division II Second Place Champion.  In their words, the “so close” award.

Next Year

When I started this season, it was going to be my last year as a coach.  I wanted to move on to some new challenges.    That changed last week.  The Capital Teens will be back for our fourth and final year.

For those who do not know our team, you might think it is to try for Champion.  That would be nice but that is not our reason.   My team loves FLL and I love FLL.  They love sharing and mentoring other teams.  For this reason, we will be back.   They have a passion for FLL that gives me the energy for one more year. Now I just have to figure out how to tell my wife.

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