Resources are files and links to help you get started.  All the material is organized around the components of First Lego League, click a badge to explore.


Team Management

icon_wordParent Volunteer Preferences Worksheet

The Volunteer Preference Worksheet outlines the parent volunteer opportunities for the team and allows the volunteer to rank their job preference.  It is a an approach to get around the blank signup sheet and increases parent involvement.

icon_wordTeam Roles

Team Roles defines all the roles of the team.  One key component is cross-training utilizing backups.  The idea is at least two team members can discuss any topic in case the judges split the group.  One person may be the expert and has to train another team member.

icon_wordTeam Badges

Like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, I used badges to encourage, guide and reward team members for developing skills and demonstrating core values.  The badge requirements and our team notebook are integrated.  Use Avery® 1-1/2 Inch Diameter, Pack of 400 (8293) labels.

Core Values

icon_wordCore Values Challenges

A collection of core values challenges.

Robot Design

icon_wordRobot Design Guide

A series of questions and worksheets to drive team robot collaboration.


icon_wordProgram Flow Poster

A poster that illustrates the loop, switch and logic blocks and they can be used in combination for FLL.

icon_wordLine Following Poster

A poster that explains how line edge following works and provide different samples that can be applied to an FLL challenge

icon_wordTeam Notebook Programming Section

This is the programming section of our team notebook.  It contains a program quiz, Sumo Robot Challenge, Music Dial Challenge and Mr. T Challenge to learn advanced programming in a fun way.

icon_wordProgramming Templates

Templates for program planning.  Templates include Program Task List, Program Pseudo code and Program Flow Chart

13 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Eric Eberly

    I teach the BSA robotics merit badge in Southside Virginia. I enjoyed reading about your incentives. I am still using the RCX as my primary controller so each scout builds and programs an individual robot.

  2. Kapila

    Thank you for a wonderful site that will help other coaches. I would like to get my son EV3 kit. could you please let me now what model I should buy from amazon.

  3. Dave McFarland

    You mention a team notebook — what exactly goes inside this notebook and how is it organized.

    From your experience is it best to have a single notebook for the team or separate ones for each team member?

    1. srakestraw Post author

      I would recommend a team notebook. I tried individual notebooks but in the end, one person would be the scribe.

  4. Brian J.

    Fantastic notes, resources, and stories. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve coached an FLL team for three (non-consecutive) seasons, a new team each time. With only a love for LEGO and robots and NO educational background it’s been a struggle to find helpful resources.


  5. Wilco Braakman

    Thanks for the recourses! I would like to use the Robot Design Guide. Is there a possibility to get the full version?

    Gr Wilco

  6. Dan

    Great info. I’m a new coach with a new team of all 4th grade kids. The trouble I find is that the kids have no experience with Lego Technic components and are unable to build event the simplest structures without instructions. When faced with a build they just put together random pieces that have no function. I’ve tried walking them though a very simple adaption for a hook even giving them the three pieces needed yet they were not able to build any kind of solution. I’m stuck here. Any advice?


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